Photo of Tonik

On first hearing Tonik aka Anton Kaldal Ágústsson’s music may just sound like a bunch of blips and beeps but if you listen more closely, you will hear the great mix of a cello, a bass and synthesizers. Anton comes from Iceland and didn’t record a LP yet but I’m shure he will soon. Until then you can hear the new single “Life’s a Beach” and the title song from the 2008 Bogus Journey EP over the text. For more songs head over to his Bandcamp or Soundcloud.


Homepage (with links to Facebook, Twitter etc.)


New Modern Angels

Photo of the New Modern Angels.

New Modern Angels is an electropop-duo from Kalmar in Sweden. Their latest album “A Cure” combines soft synthesizer-arrangements with more agressive ones.

New Modern Angels on Facebook – Buy “A Cure” on Klicktrack – Buy “A Cure” on iTunes