Andrew Figueroa Chiang and the Blazing Rays of the Sun

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On their self-named debut, Andrew Figueroa Chiang and the Blazing Rays of the Sun (wow, what a long band name!) from Los Angeles play fresh sounding soul pop. Andrew Figueroa’s sweet and soft voice fits in perfectly in with the acoustic arrangements. With only 5 songs their album is more “art on a beer mat” than a huge masterwork, but that is what makes it interesting  in my opinion. While some songs procude a nostalgic, campfire like atmosphere, others sound very happy and upbeat. If you love acoustic arrangements and this singer-songwriter feeling, you really should give it a try.

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Dominant Legs

Photo of Dominant Legs

Dominant Legs are a five-piece band from San Francisco. While on their facebook page the band describes their style simply as “POP” I would rather call it “Sing-along Pop” or “Sunshine Rock”. Yeah, that one fits nicely. However, the video you can see above to the first single “Hoop of Love” of their debut “Invitation” (in stores September 27) is by the way their first video ever made! So good luck to these kickstarters.

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Okta Logue

Okta Logue is a psychedelic-rock-band  from Germany (oh yeah that’s my “Heimat”). Their new album “Ballad Of A Burden” (out now!) shows their genre at it’s best – nothing less than 60s psychedelic rock. Right over this text you can see the very interesting/amusing/mindblowing video of the album opener “Bright Lights”.

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The You And Me Ensemble

The You And Me Ensemble is an Alternative Folk duo, that was founded because of a mutual love for film soundtracks, broken instruments and pistachios. Their debut “Through The Forests And Into The Fields” is made up of 8 songs featuring impressive orchestra arrangements as well as two rough but beautiful voices.