Uniform Motion

Uniform Motion is not one of these usual lineups. Reminding me of Gorillaz, the ‘band’ consist of two musicians and a graphic artist located in Toulouse, France. Although the instrumentation is kept simple (Andy Richards’ voice and guitar playing and rhythm-instruments or drums played by their new member Olivier Piotte), Uniform Motion still manages to bring very catchy tunes with clever suspension curves to your ear. The sweet little drawings on the album arts and live drawn on a Laptop while concerts(!) by graphic artist Renaud Forestié add the ‘icing on the cake’. In the player above you can hear their latest album ‘One Frame Per Second’. If you like it you can buy the digital release for your self-named price going up from €0.50 ($0.72), buy the CD (€10 / $14.39 + $5.76 US shipping) or Vinyl (€15 / $21.59 + $7.20 US shipping) on the band’s Bandcamp site.

My favourites: Our Hearts Have Been Misplaced in a Secret Location, There Is No Way There Is No Way




Paper Beat Scissors

Video of ‘Flicker’ directed by Philip Clyde-Smith.

Use the double arrows to step through the tracklist.

Paper Beat Scissors aka Tim Crabtree plays beautiful and emotional folk music using his guitar and several other instruments. He recorded his debut EP ‘Flicker’ after moving from Burnley in UK to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The EP features 6 softly sungen songs and can be listened above. Listen closely to not miss out on the interesting background effects like the glockenspiel getting louder and louder at the end of ‘Flicker’.




Photo of Tonik

On first hearing Tonik aka Anton Kaldal Ágústsson’s music may just sound like a bunch of blips and beeps but if you listen more closely, you will hear the great mix of a cello, a bass and synthesizers. Anton comes from Iceland and didn’t record a LP yet but I’m shure he will soon. Until then you can hear the new single “Life’s a Beach” and the title song from the 2008 Bogus Journey EP over the text. For more songs head over to his Bandcamp or Soundcloud.


Homepage (with links to Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Entertainment For The Braindead

Photo of Entertainment For The Braindead

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Under the alias “Entertainment For The Braindead” Julia Kotowski sings and records sweet, minimalistic and comfortable music in her living room. Her songs play with many different musical patterns and, besides a guitar, weird sounds recorded from kitchen tools. If you like such silent, atmospheric songs you’ll love her latest 11-track album “Hydrophobia”. The best: You can download it for free and share with your friends since it’s released under an CC BY-NC-SA license. „After all, music is not produced to earn money with it, but to have fun“, to quote Julia.


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Photo of Brazos

Use the double arrows to step through the tracklist (These are only 6 tracks, CD will come with full 10 tracks.)

Brazos are a three-piece band from Austin, Texas. Their debut “Phosphorescent Blues” shows their unique musical style in 10 songs in which Martin Crane’s boy voice perfectly suits the rhythmical, upbeat arrangements consisting of keys, guitars and percussions All in all “Phosphorescent Blues” offers great, unique and fresh sounding songs, totally worth the money.

My favourites: “Day Glo” and “Tell” (sadly both not avaible in the tracklist above 😦 )

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Selja Sini

Photo of Selja Sini

Selja grew up in Finland before she came to UT in the age of 13. Now she plays Folk music, loves cooking and dreaming. Although her music “arrangements” are very simple (just her voice and an ukulele), she still manages to write beautiful, emotional songs. Her first album “Rain Chilled” is coming soon! So stay tuned.

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Desert Noises

Photo of Desert Noises
Desert Noises are 3 talented guys from Provo, UT whose album “Mountain Sea” is not finished yet, but is going to release on September 6. Until then you can enjoy the live recording of “Oak Tree” in the video over this text. If that’s not enough for you, you should also check out their debut video for “New Man” off their debut EP on Youtube.
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