"Mario Question Mark and Dragon Fruit Lanterns" CC BY-NC-ND by Flickr user Canadian Veggie

Hi there! My name is Erik and I’m just yet another boy coming from Germany. I made this blog to support unknown, independent musicians from all over the world. Why independent music? Because independent or indie musicians nowadays in the age of mainstreaming nearly do not exist. So I would say that “The Army Of Armchairs” is a blog for people who do not want to see “yet another pop queen” who is driven by stupid merchandising strategies like “Sex Sells“.

In my blog posts I will give you a little sample of an independent band. That could be a song or a video. To complete, i will give you a brief information text about the performers. Then it’s up to you. If you like that band, check out the links under the text to become a fan of the band on facebook for instance. You can share the post with your friends too using the tweet, +1, Facebook or share button.

What songs have to do with armchairs? A lot in my opinion. Some of them you love although the others may think they are really odd, others you don’t even want to sit on. Some are made by big factories, others by very small people that are just interested in making a beautiful looking armchair, not hundreds of dollars.

So that’s it for now.



Armchair header pictures from Flickr by:

  • margo|g “Outside Season Is Over” CC BY-NC
  • drinksmachine “Easy Street – Planet Armchair” CC BY-NC-ND
  • swgn “Armchair” CC BY-NC-ND
  • tochis “Avant-Garde Reading Corner” CC BY-NC
  • Kat… “The red cushion” CC BY-NC-ND

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