Uniform Motion

Uniform Motion is not one of these usual lineups. Reminding me of Gorillaz, the ‘band’ consist of two musicians and a graphic artist located in Toulouse, France. Although the instrumentation is kept simple (Andy Richards’ voice and guitar playing and rhythm-instruments or drums played by their new member Olivier Piotte), Uniform Motion still manages to bring very catchy tunes with clever suspension curves to your ear. The sweet little drawings on the album arts and live drawn on a Laptop while concerts(!) by graphic artist Renaud Forestié add the ‘icing on the cake’. In the player above you can hear their latest album ‘One Frame Per Second’. If you like it you can buy the digital release for your self-named price going up from €0.50 ($0.72), buy the CD (€10 / $14.39 + $5.76 US shipping) or Vinyl (€15 / $21.59 + $7.20 US shipping) on the band’s Bandcamp site.

My favourites: Our Hearts Have Been Misplaced in a Secret Location, There Is No Way There Is No Way




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